Wireless and Communication in the Internet of Things

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M3 sensor on a finger
Luxapose image processing pipeline
Signpost platform deployed outside
TotTag ranging platform
Opo interaction tracker clipped to a tie
Powerblade power meter on a plug

CSE190(C00) / CSE291(C00) - Fall 2022

Labs are a major component of this course. You are expected to put significant effort into each of the labs. Prelabs and Postlabs may include questions that require additional research or other work beyond directly "in-lab" activities. (Notice: There are very few homework assignments; homework-style questions are folded into the relevant labs.)

There are five labs in this course. The first lab is a shorter, warm-up lab. The remaining four labs each span two lab sessions and go in-depth on different wireless technologies.

Each lab has a prelab and postlab assignment. You must complete the prelab assignment before the start of the lab. We recommend making a copy of the each prelab and postlab document to do your work.

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